Kommentarer er skrudd av for CONOCIENDO MEJOR AL IMPRESIONANTE ARTISTA RAMÓN EDUARDO HAITÍ FILIU Español, Ramón Eduardo Haití Filiu


Inauguración de la exposición en la galleria  Wendelboe donde Egill Wendelboe Aarø di0 la bienvenida...


Es una noche cultural en la ciudad entre las siete montañas, y en la Gallería de arte Wendelboe se abre la exposición  de Ramón Eduardo Haití. Este es un artista que he estado siguiendo durante algunos años, y esta noche estoy con un buen compañero de trabajo que lo conoce a él y a su buena ayudante, Norunn Kalgraff. Por lo tanto, me presenta a los dos. Es un lugar que está lleno y mientras las coloridas y emocionantes obras de arte y música con ritmos cubanos forman el marco, llego también a un acuerdo con ellos para una visita al estudio. (mer…)

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JARL GOLI: Inferno and Blue Night

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Photo Nelly del Arbo

Jarl Goli is an artist from Norway having a lot of success the last couple of years as a result of hard work. All his life he has been interesting in painting, and for a long time in his youth he was drawing and painting a lot. He had however another skill as well, namely acting. He therefore applied for both The Norwegian Academy of Fine Art and The Academy of Theatre. He came in at the latter and thus the brush was put away. But that was then.... (mer…)

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Meet the Cornish Artists Zoe James and Andrew Jago

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Zoe James and Andrew Jago

Andrew Jago and Zoe James

Last summer when I was visiting Cornwall again, I went to an exhibition at the Salthouse Gallery in St. Ives where I met the two Cornish artists Zoe James and Andrew Jago. I found their works very interesting and asked them to talk me through them, and so they did. Zoe James is working with people in different ways in her works, while Andrew Jago is working with landscapes in many ways. (mer…)

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Sight from The Skynet: Irene Våtvik and her Art

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16819216_10154894569885729_8812170558877831122_oIrene Våtvik, was born in 1951 in Sandnessjøen, but today she lives in Asker in Norway. As a child she was often ill which led to many hospitalization where she spent a lot of time alone. She therefore created her own fantasy world, a creativity that she has brought along in life. Her own experiences made her curious of other people and their inner world.  She developed a strong empathy for suffering people, and as an adult, she educated herself as a nurse and then specialized herself to become a psychiatric nurse. Through her work she became interested in creative treatment in the psychiatry and therefore she began part-time studies at Asker School of Art from 1994 to 1998.   (mer…)

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Daniel and Geo Fuchs are a German couple who have been working together since 1992. They are best known for their conceptual photo projects and now we can meet their art at Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum in Tønsberg, Norway. (mer…)

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Demetrio Paparoni: MORTEN VISKUM Works 1993-2016 – SKIRA Publishing 2016

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For norsk trykk her

Morten Viskum made his mark across the country when he in 1995 placed olive glasses with dead rats on formalin in several Norwegian supermarkets. When he some years later made a crucifix and replaced Christ with a dead rat , he received death threats.  It was at this time I became acquainted with  Morten Viskum, the artist who back then always was wearing a face mask in public places  so that one could not recognize him if you met him on the street. Our meeting resulted in the graduate thesis Rotten på korset (The Rat on the Cross) and ever since I have followed his art closely. From our first meeting I have never doubt that Morten Viskum would be one of our foremost artists from our time, and  that Love From God will enter the history of art as an icon from our time. I myself have used the art of Morten Viskum both in lessons and lectures, and I always bring "little rat" (a dead rat on formalin) with me, and even if someone have responded in a negative way, it soon has passed away when the background of the art expression has been known. Then the curiosity and the good conversation have taken place. (mer…)

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29. oktober kl. 14 åpner Helge Segrov sin utstilling hos Ramme Service i Olav Kyrresgt. 43 Bergen

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  Helge Segrov Født 1956 i Bergen – oppvokst i Bergen og Dale i Sunnfjord – bor i dag i Dale i Sunnfjord  I 1994 begynte Helge Segrov sin kunstnerkarriere, da med skulpturer og tegninger. I 2013 begynte han i lære hos Dag Dammen på Grafikksenteret i Oslo, og i dag er han også en habil grafiker. Utover det er han selvlært; autodidakt. Han skriver også dikt, og i noen tilfeller kombinerer han bilder og tekst, noe man også kan oppleve på utstillingen. (mer…)

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Death – a conversation with Morten Viskum 2002

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During my work with Rotten på korset (The Rat on the Cross) I did an interview with Morten Viskum where we also discussed the theme of death. Whether it was Viskum or myself that eventually were interviewing became unclear because after a while it bar characterized more by a conversation.  Later I decided that this conversation needed another context than what was natural in the thesis, and that it also should have a separate space on mye site, independent of Rotten på korset (The Rat on the Cross) but for a further reading of the topic, I refer anyway to Rotten på korset chapter 6:4, where I look at the opportunities that theming the death in contemporary art evokes such strong reactions it sometimes does. (Rotten på korset will be translated into English during autumn and winter) (mer…)

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